Rainy Day March 7, 2010 at 11:32 am

I love rain, and in San Diego we have been getting plenty of it since January.  In fact we are getting the most rain we have seen in over 15 years.  Even a rain lover like me is starting to miss the sun a little.  But I know once the summer comes, I will be missing it again so I soak up what I can… no pun intended…  :o)  Since the rains have been here so often this year, our dirt backyard has turned into a jungle!  The foliage is up to our knees!  We will definitely be needing to do some yard work soon.  As I walked back there today I decided to take advantage of it and capture the rain drops on the foliage…  I call it foliage, but in reality it is weeds.  I like to make it sound pretty. :o)  It makes me feel like we tried growing all that pretty greenery back there instead of being lazy and not pulling our weeds.

So here are a few pictures from my backyard.  I even took a picture of our roses.  I actually can’t stand our rose bush and I can’t wait to pull it out, but it was pretty today so I guess it served a purpose other than annoy me.  You would think the drought we had last year would have killed it, but apparently the large amount of rain we have been getting brought it back to life…












This tree is across the street from our house.  I thought it captured the feeling of a cold, dark, winter day.  In the fall this tree is so pretty.  They have these big maple leaves that are orange and green.  Next fall I will have to get some pictures of the leaves.  And who says San Diego doesn’t have seasons!  Ok maybe not quite like it is back East, but it’s the closest we are going to get this year.


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