Look Who’s Turning 2!!! August 23, 2015 at 1:24 pm

My baby is getting so big!  In one more week, he will be 2 years old!  Before he turned 2, I wanted to get some pictures of him taken, as well as his big brother.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done a photoshoot for the both of them, so these are well over due! 🙂  As I was trying to decide on where to take the pictures at, a thought occurred to me.  I have never done a photoshoot for either of the boys, at the beach.  I would say it’s the most requested location when taking pictures.  I think I have avoided it for so long, since it is so popular.  But we love the beach and it really is pretty there, so I decided, it’s about time I take advantage of that awesome location for my own kids.  We drove down to my favorite spot, Windansea Beach.  Windansea beach is a hot spot for surfers, because of the steep ocean floor slopes, which creates powerful waves.  Because this beach has a strong shore break, I find it to be one of the less crowded beaches and ideal for pictures.  Plus, I rarely have issues finding parking, which is a HUGE plus.  If it’s a hot day or a holiday, than it doesn’t matter.  All beaches will be crowded, so don’t go saying I lied, if you decide to go on a holiday or hot day! 🙂

I love his little laugh!  He is so full of life and energy!  I sure love this little guy!

Big brother Jackson!


And the bloopers…  I am really not sure what either of them were doing here!


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