Brooke & Amanda’s Senior Photoshoot May 15, 2017 at 7:41 pm

A few weekends ago, San Diego got a random storm come through.  It was rainy, cold and windy.  We scheduled this photoshoot awhile back, thinking the weather would be nice for that weekend.  Because why not, every single weekend prior to that has been beautiful!!!  instead, the whole weekend it rained.  Right up until the photoshoot, we kept debating if we should cancel, since it was pouring rain in some areas of San Diego and other areas, it was sprinkling.  My weather app said there would be no rain for a few hours in La Jolla, so we decided to risk it and go for it.  We all arrived in La Jolla and thankfully, there was no rain… but it was very cold and windy!  We battled with the wind for awhile and finally we decided to go down lower into the cove, hoping the wind would subside down there.  Thankfully, the wind stopped as soon as we walked down there.  Thank goodness!  Those poor girls were freezing and their hair was going everywhere.  They were both troopers though and toughed it out.

Brooke and Amanda are both graduating next month and since they are very good friends, they wanted to do some pictures together.  They were so much fun to shoot.  Here are a few favorites.

Trying to recreate the Iconic Titanic scene. ;o)

Which was promptly followed by a wave trying to get them.


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