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An Afternoon at Coronado Dog Beach – 11/21/2008 November 21, 2008 at 11:57 am

I had the opportunity to photograph Cosmo, Whaler and Georgie.  These dogs can run, and FAST!  Especially Georgie who is a Greyhound.  That dog has some legs on her.  Whaler (the black dog,) is probably one of the most unique dogs.  His owner put his puffy poodle hair into dread locks on his head.  Bob Marley comes to mind when I see this dog.  I LOVE it!  And Cosmo (the white one with floppy ears,) is just the sweetest dog…  He is kind of the watch dog.  While I was photographing all the dogs Cosmo kept coming over to me and his owner just checking in on things.  When ever his owner called the dogs over, Cosmo was the first one to come and would try to round up the other dogs.  It was kind of comical to watch the personalities of them.  It was truly a joy to photograph these dogs.  Here are a few favorite pictures of them.