Madeline Smith’s Baby Blessing Photo Shoot – 11/24/2008

ShareBaby Madeline Smith had her baby blessing over Labor Day weekend and unfortunately the pictures her Mom and family took were accidentally lost.  Luckily we were able to still get some pictures of her in her blessing gown before she grew out of it. Share on Facebook

The Horn Brothers – 11/22/2008

ShareSo my brother in law Jon contacted me about getting his pictures taken so he could give them out to family members for Christmas.  Which surprised me since he does not like getting his picture taken.  So I thought what a perfect time to get all the boys together to get their pictures taken.  It […]

An Afternoon at Coronado Dog Beach – 11/21/2008

ShareI had the opportunity to photograph Cosmo, Whaler and Georgie.  These dogs can run, and FAST!  Especially Georgie who is a Greyhound.  That dog has some legs on her.  Whaler (the black dog,) is probably one of the most unique dogs.  His owner put his puffy poodle hair into dread locks on his head.  Bob […]

Richard & Ingrid Smith Family Photo Shoot – 11/15/2008

ShareI spent the afternoon with the Smith Family at Mast Park in Santee.  It was an absolutely beautiful day for pictures.  The lighting was just perfect!  I have known Richard and Ingrid for a long time.  I remember when their son Trenton was just a baby.  Now he is getting so big.  It is such […]

The Onans – 11/08/2008

ShareTeresa and Joel are some friend’s of ours in our church.  I really enjoy spending time with this family.  They are truly wonderful parents and their son is just adorable!  We took these pictures at Stelzer Park off of Wild Cat Canyon Rd. in Lakeside.  I have never been to that park before, not sure […]