The Olsen Family

ShareIn my family most of my cousins that we saw regularly were boys…  and one of those boys was Jeremy Olsen (he is the Dad in these pictures.)  Jeremy, his brothers and my brother Dave were just merciless to me growing up.  Ok, maybe we were all like that to each other, but come on… […]

The Smith Girls!

ShareEmily Lane Smith was born on February 27th, 2010 and is the newest member of the Smith family.  Today I got to photograph Emily, her big sister Madie and her Mom.  Hopefully in the next week or so, we will get Dad in there too.  But for now here are the adorable Smith girls. Share […]

The Deering Family

ShareToday I met Brandie, Kris and Kylie at the park to do some family and maternity pictures.  You may have noticed I did Brandie’s maternity pictures back in December, but she was barely showing than.  We were doing a family photo book for Christmas and we were trying to get the pregnant ladies in our […]

Almost Two Months Old

ShareMy little baby is growing so quickly and I am hoping to capture every moment as much as I can.  In two more days my little monkey will be officially 2 months old!  And to celebrate that… he is going to get his first immunization shots Friday morning.  Awwww… poor little guy.  We are not […]

Rainy Day

ShareI love rain, and in San Diego we have been getting plenty of it since January.  In fact we are getting the most rain we have seen in over 15 years.  Even a rain lover like me is starting to miss the sun a little.  But I know once the summer comes, I will be […]