Day at the San Diego Zoo 10/25/08

ShareI babysat my sister’s kids this past weekend and the girls and I decided to go have fun at the zoo! We brought along one of my niece’s friend Mackenna. The girls were so much fun and so enthusiastic about getting their pictures taken. As we were leaving Mackenna said her favorite part of the […]

Randa Harb 10/18/08

ShareMy sister introduced me to Randa and we instantly instantly hit it off. Probably because we shared the same obsession for the Twilight series! :o) We had so much fun at La Jolla Cove just playing and taking pictures. Here are a few of my favorite ones from that photo shoot. Share on Facebook

The Beach Grandkids 10/13/08

ShareI have known the Beach girls for about 7 years now, and they are some of my favorite people.  In turn their children have become some of my favorite little people as well.  They are such a wonderful family and I felt honored to have photographed this new and rising generation in their family. Share […]

The Denogean Family 10/11/2008

ShareThese two wonderful elderly couple were a joy to photograph with their Great-Grand Children.  There is nothing more sweeter than seeing or capturing an older couple still in love.  It was inspiring to me to see Lita take care of her husband in such a loving way. Share on Facebook