Ben & Jessa’s Family Photo Shoot – 7/22/08

ShareBen & Jessa just had their baby Madeline a few weeks ago.  This was her first planned professional shoot since entering into the world.  This is such a beautiful family and one of my favorite people to photograph.  I have grown attached to little Maddie, I feel honored to be able to capture these fleeting […]

Baby Madeline Smith – 7/13/08

ShareMadeline is only a few days old here.  I grabbed a few quick shots of her when we went to visit Ben & Jessa.  I instantly fell in love with this little girl.  She is just too cute! Share on Facebook

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

ShareI love window lighting so I thought I would play around with it a little and since I love shoes, they became my subject in this fun little project.  Here are a few of my faves. Share on Facebook

4th of July Firework Show – 7/4/08

ShareSo these are my own personal photographs that I shot from the firework show in Santee, CA. I had so much fun getting these shots and looking at them now is a lot of fun for me. I feel like I am watching the firework show all over again. Here are a few photos from […]