Heather Todd’s Maternity Photo Shoot

ShareSo the next day we decided to get some individual shots of Heather.  Of course it was raining all day so we just took a few shots in her Mom’s house and on the porch.  It worked out just fine, but I was hoping for a break in the rain clouds for some more outdoor […]

The Todd Family

ShareRight now I am in my home town Tucson, AZ for two weeks and I am enjoying seeing friends and family.  One of my best friends Heather is pregnant right now so I had the opportunity to photograph her with her husband and cute little baby bump.  Heather and I have been friends for many, […]

Photo Contest Results

ShareThank you everyone for playing my photo contest.  Everyone that played got all the answers right so I had to do a name drawing out of all those people.  The winner is………  Allie Milne!!!  I can’t wait to do your photo shoot Allie. :o)  Here are all the answers: 1. San Diego Zoo 2/10 2. […]

Photo Contest – April 2010

SharePhoto Contest This is kind of like a Where’s Waldo type game. The following pictures can be found in this blog. In order to win you have to match the pictures I have given you to the full picture on my blog and have the most correct answers. For example… the picture below would be […]

The Smith Family Part II

ShareThe Smith family is one of my long time faithful clients and of course our friends.  I started photographing this family when their oldest daughter Madie was born.  Now she is walking and talking!  It’s been fun watching this little family grow and being able to capture all their moments.  This morning I met them […]